The TimeOS™ system stores so much data about your data, allowing you to rewind a system to any second in the past. Yet at the same time, the system can store 7 times more data than other storage solutions. How is this possible? The answer is NoDup.

What is NoDup?

NoDup is inline, in-memory deduplication for your data. This means that deduplication happens as soon as the data is introduced to the server, and duplicate information is never stored to the media. This allows you more room to save data, as well as increased speed and performance.

Why Do You Need It?

This revolutionary deduplication system means that there will be no duplicate data anywhere in your storage. This saves space, which allows you to store more data and enjoy increased performance. Legacy systems reached their limits decades ago—and it’ll take you decades to reach the limit of TimeOS with NoDup.

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