BackDating in a Nutshell…

Have you ever wanted a time machine for your data? BackDating is your answer. This revolutionary technology allows you to clone any amount of data back to any second in its history. No more scheduled snapshots—you’ll always have the full history of your data at your fingertips.

Bye Bye Snapshots

Backdating, also known as “Point in Time Storage”, is a revolutionary technology that replaces the role of snapshots in traditional storage. Snapshots have been the de facto way of backing up and restoring data for decades, but they always come with a trade-off: More frequent snapshots provide more recovery points, but also consume more storage to retain those snapshots, plus administrator resources to manage them.

How does it work?

BackDating technology writes data protection i.e. writes metadata onto storage blocks continuously into the storage system continuously, so there is no backup “event” creating a singular restore point. You can restore or clone from any point in time, right down to the second. Plus, it creates no additional overhead for administrators to manage. You can still bookmark a specific point in time that you want to restore.

Watch this video for an animation about how BackDating works:


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