Reduxio's patented storage operating system, TimeOS™, is designed to address new storage challenges by leveraging advances in processing power and high-speed networks. Reduxio TimeOS™ uses a flash-based architecture to provide rich data management functionality.

TimeOS™ Features

Core Evolution Group uses Reduxio™ HX-550 Storage Array Systems feature flash architecture and adaptive continuous tiering, combined with the TimeOS™ operating system that brings never-before-seen capabilities to the storage industry at a price point that is truly amazing.  These are the main features that make up the TimeOS™ storage operating system:

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Have you ever wanted an ACTUAL time machine for your data? BackDating™ is the key!

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TimeOS can store 7 times more data than its competitors. How is this possible?



Tired of waiting for large files? What could you do if you didn’t have to spend time waiting?

As a CEG customer, we offer 24/7 global technical support, we provide guidance on the proper implementation of the hybrid storage optimizing TimeOS™ features

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CEG raises the bar on storage solutions