Reduxio's converged primary and secondary storage integrates native tools for data management and protection. Can the hybrid flash vendor turn a profit and pull off an IPO?

Reduxio Systems has weathered the storms that swamped many of its storage startup competitors. The 5-year-old vendor's flagship HX550 hybrid storage converges primary and secondary storage with integrated data management.

Based in San Francisco and Israel, Reduxio recently expanded to Western Europe, opening sales offices in Amsterdam, London and Paris. The Reduxio storage platform runs the TimeOS operating system based on its BackDating technology, enabling users to recover data from any historical point in time.

NoRestore copy data management and NoMigrate disaster recovery were added in 2017, rounding out previous capabilities of NoDup global inline deduplication, Tier-X hybrid pooling and StorSense performance analytics.

CEO Mark Weiner outlined how Reduxio storage is evolving to keep pace with user demands, with a special focus on midrange customers. Weiner said a Reduxio initial public offering (IPO) is "in the cards," and he downplayed investors' lukewarm interest in recent cloud array equities.

Weiner cited publicly traded Pure Storage as a paragon for Reduxio. "As a CEO, I monitor Pure, and it is a cash machine. I think it's an undervalued company. Pure attacked a very high-end part of the market. It was early, and it was fast. We want to be like Pure, except in the midrange," Weiner said.

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