Getting the Right Switch is Vital

Network Switches are an essential element of the storage solution that connect the servers to the storage. When considering a switch for storage, make sure it meets the following specifications:

  • 10Gbps port speed
  • designed for iSCSI traffic
  • supports Jumbo Frames on VLAN, up to 9K
  • maximum packet buffer per dollar
  • low latency

All of these elements are necessary to ensure optimal traffic management and error-free transmission of data to and from the storage array.

CEG goes Extreme

At CEG, we know that it is possible to spend a small fortune on a SAN switch, and since you need two of them for redundancy, it is especially important that you are not buying more capacity than you actually need. That is why we rely on Extreme switches. Extreme switches meet the required performance specs and are offered in an affordable 8-port configuration, which is more than enough to connect to your SAN.