CEG… Powered by Reduxio

CEG exists solely because we know that the Reduxio products we sell offer the best performing, most cost-effective enterprise storage solution available, with features that are unmatched by the competition.  Once you see our product demo, you will understand why CEG is “all-in” with Reduxio. In fact, we will not even do a sale that does not involve Reduxio.  

The Birth of Reduxio

Reduxio is a company built on the collective wisdom of storage industry veterans (and a few brilliant computer architects) who envisioned a better way to “do storage”. They saw firsthand how the major storage vendors were stuck in the mire of supporting their own legacy products which prevented any real innovation from occurring in the industry. For Reduxio, this spelled opportunity.

Storage: It Isn’t What You Think

When you hear the word storage, you probably think of physical drives, like SSDs and HDDs. But all of these drives, despite their brand names, are essentially the same. So if every storage company is using the same basic drives on the backend, what — besides capacity — is there to separate one company’s product from another?  The difference is what controls the system, and what controls every storage system is software.