How Could We Possibly Offer Instant Data Recovery from Any Second in System History?

Data Is The Foundation of Every Organization - Failure is Not an Option

What causes system failures?

  • On-site servers suffer from a natural disaster
  • An employee "accidentally" installs malware on their device
  • Someone drops their work phone in the toilet
  • CEO's laptop gets stolen at an airport

The list can go on and on, but what is your process for replacing the device and recovering the data that has been lost,  damaged or corrupted?

Have Snapshots Become Inadequate?

Snapshots are very commonly used to protect and restore data, but what if we told you they were no longer necessary? Today's demands require heavily configured snapshots to effectively manage backups, but they take a lot of time to prepare and manage properly. Core Evolution Group eliminates the need to create snapshots, because Reduxio's evolutionary storage architecture was developed with time-aware block level change history.

Think of the Possibilities...

  • Snapshots become irrelevant - Instant recovery without having to set up the system
  • Data inherits consistency throughout volumes - no more need for consistency groups
  • Backups are never missed - BackDating™ provides failsafe protection
  • Easily integrates with leading enterprise software like: VMware®, Microsoft® and Oracle®