Performance Defined

Enterprise level storage systems are required to perform on two fundamental levels. First, they must be able to store large quantities of data, and second, they must be able to serve that data to multiple applications with near-zero latency.

Price vs Performance

Flash storage revolutionized the industry with significantly faster performance, however the cost of filling an array with large capacity SSDs is still a budget-breaker for many mid-sized businesses. The logical solution was hybrid storage that combined SSDs with HDDs, but managing data flow across the different storage mediums fell short of the raw performance of flash memory.

Performance Delivered

At CEG, we recognized the need to offer a solution that truly delivered the best of both worlds: the speed of flash without sacrificing maximum storage capacity.  Our systems use large-capacity HDDs to store only data designated for long-term memory, freeing up the flash storage to operate in the present at a fully optimized rate of speed. The adaptive continuous tiering processes keeps the active information in the right place at the right time for instant accessibility. As your usage patterns change, the targeted data is relocated to always provide true flash performance.

Performance Features of Solutions from CEG

  • The ability to handle frequently changing workloads through real-time adaptation
  • Revolutionized caching by storing all data using Tier-X™
  • System optimized for all media, improved functionality and enhanced hardware lifespan
  • Granular access to fully deduped and compressed data
  • Automated system performance - No configuration necessary