How Can Geographically Diverse Product Development Teams Improve How They Collaborate?

Have you ever imagined the ability to represent terabytes of data within minutes with only modest bandwidth?

Most dated and even some current systems take hours, days, or weeks to copy terabytes of data.  The problem is that globally located businesses have to have to wait longer than the time it takes for updated data to load up to 100% from one location to another.

How is "Following the Sun" Migration Even Possible?

To perform CEG's Follow the Sun migration, our solution will be configured as a host to the source storage system, allowing us to virtualize resources and migrate them. Using our partner Reduxio's trademarked NoMigrate™ technology, all host I/O requests are sent to this system as if all the data is already stored there.  All writes on the Reduxio system are performed directly in the flash system, so the speed is always operating to its highest capability.

Data Becomes Available the INSTANT Follow the Sun Process Begins

Using the latest and most efficiently managed technology, we can represent data in any office around the globe in minutes.  As data copy occurs in the background, migrated data becomes instantly available to users in any location around the globe at the same time as it is being inline deduped and compressed.

  • Will work with any type of iSCSI storage system
  • Allows Direct IO from One Storage System to Another
  • Migrations are no longer projects - Volumes automatically import
  • Full data copy happens on background disks