It’s Not Just About Storage

A great storage solution goes far beyond the performance of the drives. Many critical components go into the complete solution that ultimately serves data to your applications quickly and seamlessly. Servers, for instance, start with a motherboard and include everything that connects to it, including CPUs, RAM, and interface adapters. This is an area where some solution providers cut corners by purchasing a mix of components that have not been tested together, resulting in a “Franken-server”.

HP Components Fill the Bill

At CEG, our experience has shown us that the best combination of reliability and performance comes when using quality components from a certified vendor. That is why we use best-of-breed Hewlett Packard® servers. HP components are tested for compatibility, so everything is guaranteed to work well together. Plus, HP has renowned support, so we know that if replacement parts are ever needed, they will be available and compatible. This relationship allows us to focus on a single server solution that consistently works for us and ultimately benefits our customers.

Of course, you are free to choose other server options, you just can’t buy them from us. We want our customers to have the benefit of our extensive industry experience, which is why HP is the only brand we sell.