You shouldn’t expect your storage solution to cause problems. If you are currently making trade-offs between free storage capacity and snapshot frequency, or are not able to access data during replication, or maybe just suffering from sluggish application performance, those are problems.


CEG’s HX-550 Storage Array Systems feature flash architecture and adaptive continuous tiering, combined with the TimeOS™ operating system that brings never-before-seen capabilities to the storage industry at a price point that is truly amazing.



Hybrid storage with flash performance
and adaptive continuous tiering.
Better hang on to your hat.


Point In Time Storage

Imagine having a time machine that can
bring you back to any second in the past.
Yeah... it's that cool.


Follow The Sun Data

Represent terabytes of data
to offices around the globe.
No downtime. No waiting. No kidding.

Other Solutions from CEG

The Core Evolution Group team offers a number of solutions that compliment our main hybrid storage and operating system. Setting our clients up for success is our number one priority, furthermore we have worked with a multitude of enterprise-level products in our years of IT management and system engineering experience. As a result CEG offers a unique insight into all components of mid-large sized business data systems. Our team only provides solutions we know will perform at the highest level, without unnecessary overpriced equipment.


Here today.
Here to stay.


Surround yourself
with good connections.


Service beyond
the sale.

As a CEG customer, we offer 24/7 global technical support, should you ever have a problem.
Our support engineers will work with you to resolve any issues or answer any questions you may have.