Reduxio Hybrid Storage


Reduxio is the world's first unified primary and secondary storage platform with built-in disaster recovery and copy data management capabilities

At Core Evolution Group, we have identified Reduxio's hybrid storage arrays as being the most feature-rich solution available on the market today at this price point.  The value you receive in terms of increased performance and advanced capability provides your IT department with new tools to protect your data and optimize productivity in the workplace.  And all of this from a simplified user interface that was built specifically to manage storage tasks.


Reduxio hybrid storage arrays are all powered by the TimeOS™ operating system.  TimeOS was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate storage operating system and to deliver features previously only available on high-end storage systems.

As a CEG customer, we offer 24/7 global technical support, we provide guidance and instruction on the proper implementation of the hybrid storage optimizing TimeOS™ features

More about TimeOS

Point In Time Storage

Point_In_Time_Icon.pngPoint in Time Storage fully replaces the roll of snapshots in traditional storage without the need for scheduling or intervals. It allows you to recover data from any second in the system’s history. This means when trouble occurs -- such as a malware attack -- you can dial the storage system back to the second before it arrived and prevent a disaster before it occurs. With a 1-second RPO, you never have to worry about data loss.

Instant Data Restoration

In conjunction with the Point in Time feature, multiple volumes of data can be recovered from any second in the past and restored online within minutes, without the need to synchronize the volumes. The intuitive TimeOS operating system simplifies this important process, so your RTO is minutes instead of hours.

Data Tiering

To embrace the full advantage of a hybrid system you need your hot data available in flash storage while cold data is archived on cost-friendly HDDs.  Reduxio systems continually monitor data usage and adapt in real time to changing workloads, so you always have the full performance of an all-flash array, without the cost.

Deduplication & Compression - On the Fly

Reduxio arrays begin optimizing your data even before it reaches main storage.  Dedicated in-line processing filters out duplicate data before it ever gets stored, and new data is compressed prior to being written to disk.  These combined processes effectively increase the raw storage capacity by 7X.

Follow the Sun Data Migration

Follow_The_Sun-3-300x300.pngWhen terabytes of data need to be physically moved across miles -- or even across the globe -- the migration features in the Reduxio storage array allow that data to be represented in the remote location within seconds. The data it is fully accessible, even while it is being copied over in the background with Follow the Sun Data.

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