Some storage administrators spend time learning the skills specifically for this role, and aim to get to it from the moment they begin their careers. Others are asked to handle “just one little thing”, then another, and another, until your job title and duties have drastically changed. No matter how you got into this position, the challenges of the job are very real and affect you daily.

Storage Administrator Challenge

storge administrator challenges and how to solve themStorage administrators have much more on their plate than ensuring data can be restored every time a clueless user accidentally deletes it. The job requires you to be proactive in finding and fixing security threats, as well as constantly ensuring the quality of the main server and the backup. Eventually, you will be asked to restore data, but you don’t need to spend your entire workday worrying about that sole aspect.

What storage administrators need is a simple, yet powerful solution for backup storage needs. You can spend your days focusing on more important things while the Point in Time Storage solution constantly creates backups that you can restore based on any second in the past.

When admins need to restore a system, the Point in Time Storage allows you to restore it to any second in the past very quickly. You can also help your company work on large files together across geographical development offices with the Follow the Sun solution—as soon as a file is uploaded to the server, it’s available for the rest of the company, anywhere, to see and manage.

All of these advanced capabilities significantly improve the productivity and capability of the storage administrator, turning a difficult and sometimes frustrating job into a pleasure. 

Solve the Storage Administrators Challenges

The important part of addressing the needs of a storage administrator is to leverage the latest solutions that were not encombered by historical compatabilities, but instead leverage the very best that software and technology has to offer.

To learn about the latest storage solutions, download the eBook titled "Essentials When Upgrading A Storage Solution." If you prefer a private discussion, reach out to us to learn how we solve storage problems, leaving you free to tackle harder issues.

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