Core Evolution Group recently made it known that a beloved friend of the storage industry recently passed away. Known to most as simply “Snapshots”, he quietly passed into irrelevance at his birthplace in Sunnyvale, CA. His actual time of death was purportedly between 3:00 - 6:00 PM on a weekday, but no more specific data could be recovered.

storage-backdating-versus-snapshots.jpgBorn in the 1990’s, Snapshots went on to be adopted by many of the biggest names in the storage industry. His nearly instant fame and success were unrivaled in the industry for nearly two decades, and it is believed that this led to the condition that would eventually become his downfall … his voracious consumption of disk space.

The beloved offspring of Tape & Full Backups, Snapshots was certainly no clone. He was celebrated for his ability to capture a moment and was a friend to hardware and software alike.

Snapshots is survived by his successor, BackDating, who is destined to become the future of point-in-time data recovery.

In lieu of flowers, BackDating has requested that you watch this video.


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