Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents users from accessing their system (or critical files) until a ransom is paid per the provided instructions … usually frozen on the screen. One particularly effective class, known as Crypto-Ransomware, targets certain file types on your system, encrypts them, and then presents you with an online payment option to purchase the decrypt key.

Like viruses, ransomware can come from a lot of places. It can be downloaded from a “compromised” web site, piggy-back on other viruses, or come right into your Inbox on a spammed email. If you are like most, you depend exclusively on some form of antivirus software to protect your company… which is good, but unfortunately, not perfect.

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Antivirus software has a protection gap.

The issue with many antivirus programs is that they use rudimentary methods to detect active viruses. While this serves to contain the annoying low-level viruses, the software is not necessarily capable of stopping the modern sophisticated malware that is currently -- and constantly -- being developed. Some forms of malware can actually lay dormant on an infected computer, undetected by the antivirus software, until it receives an activation signal at some later time. That means you could have a time bomb in your company network right now and not even know it until some employee haphazardly opens an email message, and BOOM!

Antivirus software also needs to be updated regularly with the latest database of known viruses and malware. Failing to do so creates gaps in your protection, particularly from new viruses. It’s a perpetual game of catch-up which you probably are not always going to win.

Ransomware costs you more than just information.

The reason Ransomware exists in the first place is because the bad guys know how valuable your data is, maybe more than you do. When your computer system or network is locked down by ransomware and you start weighing the options, you begin to realize how much time and effort it would take to recreate and/or restore everything back to the way it was. Now add in the lost productivity while all of that is going on. It can make the ransom amount seem downright reasonable.

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A secure storage solution is your best answer.

The only way to make your company bullet-proof from ransomware (or any data loss) is to have a comprehensive storage solution in place. Not a backup device or a pile of snapshots that require hours to restore and leaves you with gaps of lost data. You need an actual storage area network designed specifically to let you dial back your corrupted volumes to seconds before the damage was done and get them back online within minutes. The professionals at Core Evolution Group can show you how to get there and make it easier than you ever imagined. It’s time to expect more from your storage.

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