If you’ve ever used software designed by technical-minded people for other techies, you know that a flashy user interface is often not included. Everything you need to do is present within the software, but it can be hard to find behind multiple grey, blocky menus. No one will argue that the software is unusable—but it could be a little easier to use.

Why should software you need today look like it was created in the early 90s?

storage operating system Creating a user interface requires a different set of skills from developing the software itself. Both require a great deal of work, but that doesn’t mean the same person can do both. Software developers are focused on recognizing problems and making sure the software can solve the problem. UI designers tend to focus on human error—can a reasonable user find the tool they need to solve the problem?

UI is a little less technical and a little more based in psychology. While skills in both fields are useful to create good software, it’s unlikely that a single developer will be able to handle both. It’s like the ability to cook and the ability to bake—most people can do a passable amount of both, but there’s a reason quality restaurants have a chef and a pastry chef.

User interfaces are part of every software product we use, even storage solutions.

When a software developer is assigned with making the UI for software, often they will do the minimum work needed to make the software usable. There are a lot of factors that can cause this—the developer may have spent so long working on the software itself that there may not be much time for UI, or the developer honestly believes that clunky menus are “good enough”.

If you’ve ever spent time talking to a software developer, you know that quality design is the last thing on their mind—just take a look at their workspace, in most cases! This could mean the software is the best of its kind, but it’s not very intuitive on how to use it.

When it comes to storage solutions, user interface and the use case for managing storage is critical for success.

When Core Evolution Group researched a storage solution partner, we particularly focused on the latest technology with new capabilities for our clients. Additionally, the user interface needed to be clean and productive for our users. With that in mind, we chose the Reduxio solution, their storage user interface is not only seamlessly integrated into the software, but also simple and fun to use. The UI was created by video game designers, making users feel like they’re in a virtual sci-fi reality when they need to recover data by rewinding time back to a precise second (RPO).

This system is not sci-fi, however—it’s very real and does what it promises. The Point in Time and Follow the Sun solutions are enough to convince any storage administrator of the quality of the system, and the sleek and futuristic UI helps everyone else understand just how modern and convenient the storage system is.

If you are looking to upgrade your storage or looking for a new state of the art storage solution, consider downloading the eBook titled "Essentials When Upgrading A Storage Solution" to get the latest in storage technology.  

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