There are plenty of ways you can back up your critical data—and not all of them are good ways. Here are seven ridiculous ways to save your data

Here are the 7 terrible ways to backup your data (that we don't recommend trying):

  1.    7 terrible ways to backup data and one great oneTattoo it onto yourself. Everyone knows tattoos last forever, so if you ink your data onto your body, you’ll have a permanent backup of it wherever you go! This is not recommended for anything more than a few lines.
  2.    Use LaserDiscs. Why wouldn’t you want to store sensitive information on a large disc? This is perfect for any company stuck in the 80s!
  3.    Adopt 100 dogs, shave it into their fur. The downside here is that you’ll have to hire someone to maintain the shaved data. The upside here—think of all the puppies!
  4.    Record everything onto tapes. There’s a good reason magnetic tape storage lasted for decades as the gold standard—nothing else existed yet. Still, you can continue to use it today, as long as you have room to keep the tapes and can keep them away from magnets.
  5.    Take photos of your computer screen. Remember the movie Memento? If it worked well enough for the main character in that, then it works well enough for your company!
  6.    Write out everything by hand. Paper and pencil last forever, right? Just get many, many notebooks and write all your data by hand for a super-secure backup.
  7.       Put everything on the internet. Just use one of those free storage websites. It’s not like you’re going to get hacked, right?

We've tried to add some humor to this very important and serious idea of data backup. But in all seriousness, backup solutions are merging with storage and there are new technologies you should consider. 

There is one good way that we recommend for data storage.

  • Use a secure server with great backups. With a storage solution from CEG, you’ll be able to store all your data securely. If something happens, restore the data to any point in time with a granularity of 1 second. It’s more efficient than 100 dogs—even though it’s not as cute.

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